ESC/POS Command Reference
for Customer Displays


    ESC/POS® Command Reference Revision 2.10

    ESC/POS Command Reference provides detailed information on ESC/POS commands.
    It targets programmers who want to control the printer with ESC/POS commands.
    Currently the information for the following Customer Displays is included:
    DM-D30, DM-D70, DM-D110, DM-D210
    ESC/POS Command Reference contains the command information for Standard models such as ANK model or Japanese model.
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    + Command Lists
    + Commands Arranged by Function
    + Appendixes
    • Introduction is this page.
    • Command Lists contains a table.
      • Commands in Code Order is a list of all commands sorted by the code in this reference. It also shows what commands the each customer display has.
    • Commands Arranged by Function contains the explanation of each command under the categorized sub menu.
    • Appendixes contains Glossary, Command Notation, and Revision history.

    ESC/POS® Proprietary Command System

    The market for store automation equipment is changing rapidly with the widespread introduction of POS (point of sale) terminals. These terminals are now appearing even in small retail stores and specialty shops.
    As personal computers begin to be used as POS terminals, the demand for matching uniform peripheral devices is expected to rise. At present, however, many of the competing POS terminal printers on the market employ mutually incompatible command sets. This imposes limits on the expandability and range of applications possible with PC-based systems. There is a need for a new command set designed to provide the expandability and universal applicability demanded by the market.


    EPSON took the initiative by introducing ESC/POS, a proprietary POS printer command system, which includes patented or patent pending commands and enables versatile POS system construction with high scalability. Compatible with all types of EPSON POS printers and displays, this proprietary control system also offers the flexibility to easily make future upgrades. Its popularity is worldwide.
    ESC/POS is designed to reduce the processing load on the host computer in POS environments. It comprises a set of highly functional and efficient commands that enables the full realization of the potential of printers.

    A command set designed for universal applicability

    The commands that are supported by all EPSON POS printers and those that are specific to individual models are clearly described. This means that ESC/POS compatible software will work with any system and be suitable for a wide range of applications.

    Superb expandability allowing the addition of new functions

    New functions can be added and accommodated by the categories already provided in the command system.

    Allows more effective use of software

    Once a software application has been created for one printer in the TM series, it can be used as the basis for versions for the other printers in the series. Only a small portion of the program source code needs to be modified.


    EPSON is a registered trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation.

    ESC/POS® includes patented or patent pending commands. The contents must not be disclosed to third parties.

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